Le Buisson Ardent - Restaurant de gastronomie Française - Paris 75005
25 rue Jussieu, Paris 5e
Réservations au 01 43 54 93 02
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A DAY AT THE buisson


From 7 in the morning until midnight the Buisson lives at a throbbing rhythm of deliveries, preparing the menu and laying the tables, and of course serving lunch and dinner. We can handle up to 100 people a day!

7am Arrival of the supplies
We work very closely with our suppliers: we provide them with our keys and they usually deliver before we arrive. That goes for the fishmonger, the butcher and the market gardener.
9am Arrival of the kitchen staff
All hands on deck, the parcels delivered by the suppliers need to be unpacked and the day’s produce has to be prepared.
10am Arrival of the restaurant staff
While the restaurant is working at full blast, it is now time to get the dining room ready: cleaning, laying the tables. Review the lunchtime reservations.
11.30am Lunch for the entire staff
12noon First customer
Not easy to welcome the first client at noon on the dot! Clearly that day the staff lunch had dragged on a bit :-)
2.45pm Break
Everyone goes home for a well-earned break.
6pm Briefing for the evening
Arnaud and Andrei  review the reservations for that evening.
8pm Full
11.45pm Close the restaurant
There you are, the day is over. The last customer has just left. Still a few glasses to wipe, bring in the things from the terrace and then the serving staff can go home to bed.Pleased it will already be tomorrow!

Where to find us

Le Buisson Ardent is located
25 rue Jussieu Paris 5th arrondissement
Reservations call 01 43 54 93 02

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LE BUISSON ARDENT - BISTROT GASTRONOMIQUE - 25 rue Jussieu, Paris 5e - Réservations au 01 43 54 93 02
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